Gretel (female)—
Gretel is just as bossy as her red-headed mom Jessie; she’s one of our new “up-and-coming” 2018 show-ring participants. We’re expecting “big” things from this little one.
Honor (female–View 1), Champion—
Honor is just one of the treasures from our breeding program’s Third Generation
Honor-View 2
Honor (female–View 2), Champion—Honor has been a wonderful foundation bitch for the Great Scotts Biewers program
Honor-View 3
Honor (female–View 3), Champion—Honor is a wonderful mother to her litters; she is now nearing retirement
Jessie-View 1
Jessie (female–View 1), Champion & Multiple Best in Shows at ICKC—Our only red-headed Biewer is so unique and very cherished; Jessie’s last litter is due January 18, 2018
Jessie-View 2
Jessie (female–View 2), Champion & Multiple Best in Shows at ICKC—Our Little Red Head entered the breeding program in early 2015; Jessie’s last litter is due January 18, 2018
Jessie-View 3
Jessie (female–View 3), Champion & Multiple Best in Shows at ICKC—Our Jessie certainly stands out in any crowd! Jessie’s last litter is due January 18, 2018
Mischu-View 1
Mischu (female–View 1)—This little daughter of Honor and Chaps was cute as a button as a puppy.
Mischu-View 2
Mischu (female–View 2)—As an adult, Mischu is a spoiled little Diva; she’s very proud of her status and constantly grins from ear to ear.
Monaya-View 1
Monaya (female–View 1)—Monaya is our new arrival from Russia.(Thank you, Anna!)
Kennel Name: Modnaya Shtuchna Neonovaya Zvezda • Breeder: Anna OV Maltseva
Monaya-View 3
Monaya (female–View 2)—Monaya (and a little boy named Winne the Pooh from Latvia) will enhance Great Scotts Biewers, specifically, and the Biewer bloodline, in general, here in the U.S.
Monaya-View 5
Monaya (female–View 3)—Monaya is another “up-and-coming” 2018 show-ring participant, so she’ll be “out and about” for all to see.
Scarlett-View 1
Scarlett (female–View 1), International Puppy—Scarlett is the beautiful result of the joint effort of Great Scotts Biewers (Chaps) and Biewer Von Fritz kennels (mother)—thank you, Bobbi!
Scarlett-View 2
Scarlett (female–View 2), International Puppy—Scarlett has one of the prettiest faces ever!
Scarlett-View 2
Scarlett (female–View 3), International Puppy—She carries herself with her head held high—quite deservedly.
Serina (female)—Serina is the daughter of the beautiful Kayo and Chaps; another “up-and-coming” 2018 show-ring participant.

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flourishShowcase: Jessie, Champion & Best In Shows
Bred, born, and raised by Great Scotts Biewers
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